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As manufacturers and suppliers of portable and pedestal resistance welding machines, we are specialists in resistance welding technology.

We can help you to choose the best solution for your application from the sometimes bewildering ways of making a welded joint.

Our expertise, built upon traditional skills of the West Midlands – home of the metal form industry – is valued throughout the UK, and the World – we supply Europe, the Far East and Australasia.

Our philosophy is simple – to offer YOU the level of service you need.

We supply spot welders, seam welders, projection welders, butt welders and flash butt welders (and we can help you decide which you need).

We can supply new, or refurbished, machines. We can rebuild your own machines if that’s more economic (and perhaps make a few improvements). And, if you have some very special requirements, we will design and build a machine to suit them exactly.

We also buy your old machines, and whether you have our machines or not, we offer the best service around in electrodes, consumables and projection welding tooling.

We are the resistance-welding specialists. Our range is comprehensive. Our service is complete.